"Cracking read, well done..."
John Frith, Oct 09
"'It seemed like a good idea.' is an inspirational read, written in such a way that you feel like you are riding along with the 'Bobbies on bikes' as they travel across the US and the UK. It has almost (but not quite) made me think I might dust down my bike and go for a spin! A recommended read, and all the better that a proportion of the proceeds will be going to a great cause."
Lisa Miller, Oct 09
"It felt like I was riding along with them, so much detail, I really enjoyed it"
Lisa Brooks, Oct 09
"Outstanding...some really good stuff inside..."
Robin Smith, Oct 09
"it seemed like a good idea" and it was! Neil has written this book in such a way it is hard to put down, love the good old English toilet humour! Had me at times in fits of laughter. I now know why Jeff runs from the press whenever the cameras are about! The whole Bobby on a Bike team (UK and US) are an inspiration to everyone as to what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. I have heard them say "Never again!" but somehow I don't think we have heard the last of them! Lets hope not, can't wait for the next installment! "
Andy Fossey, Oct 09
"Neil, I've just finished your book and.....well excellent. when I first started reading it I wanted to enjoy it because it was written by you, but only after a few pages I forgot that you'd written it and throughly enjoyed it for the excellent read it is. Well done and all I can say is it's a shame there isn't a second edition as I really loved reading it. Bring on the next book..."
Richard Game, Oct 09
"The book was very well written and an excellent read. I found it very difficult to put down as it kept my attention and I wanted to read more."
Michelle Bates, Nov 09
"This book is a thoroughly entertaining read whether you know those involved or not. It blends humorous and often painful experiences with just the right amount of detailed facts about the trip and the areas visited. It is inspirational and a credit to Neil's efforts in the saddle, raising charity money and at the typewriter."
Steve Vaughan, Dec 09
"Have read your book and it didn't send me to sleep :-) Seriously though, great read and couldn't put it down.. As someone else commented, it was like you were reading it to me.."
Steve Benton, Jan 10

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