The Book

The Book - 'It seemed like a good idea...'

On a cold, wet day in April 2002, two budding cyclists stood at the border of Canada and The United States to start a 1,800 mile ride for charity along the west coast.

Police Officers, Neil Smith and Tony Spry had never undertaken anything like this before. Eighteen months of planning, training and fund raising lay behind them - ahead a 27 day ride to Mexico. The challenge was nicknamed 'Bobby on a Bike'. 2005 saw the Bobby on a Bike team complete another Canada to Mexico ride, in less days, increasing their daily mileage.

In 2006, they hosted an American police Dept for a ride across the UK and, in 2008, they undertook their biggest challenge to date, a mammoth 4,200 mile ride across the USA.

To date over £120,000 has been donated to charity.

"It Seemed Like a Good Idea" - The Story of Bobby on a Bike is the result of six months work to tell the story of the journey from an idea to do a small bike ride for charity, to completing challenges only the most determined could achieve...from crashing on the first day of the first ride to being escorted by seven motorcycle cops across San Francisco, from seeking refuge from severe storms to coming face to face with grizzly bears near Yellowstone National Park.

"It Seemed Like a Good Idea" is a detailed, informative and witty account of not just remarkable distances and climbs, but the human story of overcoming personal challenges.

Author - Neil C Smith

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