USA Coast to coast 2008

Wednesday 7 12:00 AM - Wednesday 21 May 2008 12:00 AM

USA Coast to coast 2008

USA coast to coast 2008

2008 - and another long distance Bobby on a team members, Paul Ward and Laura Hicks, joined Neil and Jeff in the saddle, whilst riders from Coos Bay to UK, Nick Furman and Robert Lounsbury, joined in for the ride. The team raised important funds and awareness for The Prostate Cancer Charity and East Anglian Children's Hospice. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read some of the updates from the trip.

August 14th 2008

The ride across America seems all to far away's amazing that something that took so much planning and execution can feel so far away so soon, I guess that's the way it is when life goes back to the 'normal' day to day existence.

There in lies the reason we do this, you have to give yourself a challenge, set yourselves almost 'unachievable' goals in life.................for when we look back we can be proud that we got up and did something with our lives and made the unachievable achievable.

It was said during the ride, if someone asks why on earth we'd wanna do this, it would be pointless trying to explain as they wouldn't understand the answer anyway.

There are so many people who made our trip enjoyable and easier to do....I'd like to thank the following people and organisations....

Connie, Don and Gail, Seattle, who for the third time have eased our transition from the UK to the USA.

Jim Halloran - Redondo Beach, CA for his continued support of Bobby on a bike

Coos Bay Police Dept, OR - for use of the PD and facilities and allowing Robert the time off !

North Bend PD, for their continued support and escorts.

Benetti's Italian Restaurant, Joe and Tricia, for their continued support and help towards BOAB.

Oregon Culinary School, for the pack ups they provided for our first day.

Reedsport PD and FD

Florence PD, OR

Springfield PD, OR, particularly the 'Gay's' for a fantastic meal and breakfast.

West Yellowstone PD, Montana

Harrodsburg PD, KY

Chief Doug Davis and the staff of Waynesboro PD, VA for dinner and media coverage.

Chief Tom Clark and his staff at Ashland PD, VA

Lt Jeff Kerr and his staff at York County Sheriff's office.

Tim Butcher at Itinneris for the web support, again, for the third BOAB.

to all the hundreds of drivers who 'honked' on their car horns and gave us a supportive wave.

and last, but by no means least, those people who we really couldn't have done it without.....the support crews, Gordon, Tammy, Rick, Mel and Adam, a million thank you's to you.


Dinner with our friends, Gail, Connie and Don in Seattle


Jim Hallaron - BOAB supporter extraordinar

Robert presenting Joe and Tricia Benetti with a signed shirt

They heard the brits were in town....

ceremonial dipping of the tyres in the water at Coos Bay

and they're off....

Reedsport, OR, Fire dept and friends

Fire dept escort out of town...

PC Gordon - Coos Bay, OR

only the second day and they've traded the bikes in already....

cheesy grins.....we'd been flying along :-)

camping under the trees...

good luck Dad.....

Riggins, Idaho.....not a bad place to camp for the night.....

Probably the best steak house in the world.....

o jeff'ry...what a large portion of meat you have...

which way did you say we had to go ??

are we there yet dad ?

interesting sign...


On the highest point on the TransAmerica Trail

what happens when ya' back wheel locks up at 30mph....

the skid....

the damage....

Art ?

more Art ? s'no joke

blizzard conditions in Colorado... 111 degrees

Kansas....not so hot...just a little wet....not mist...rain!!

Adam pointing out the Mississippi at it's highest for 15 years!

pass the spinach......

not that much ...

The sign says it all........

racing uphill.......

book ends....

Grizzly Mum and cubs....

Mother Moose and calf

that's a big boy.....

that's one horny cow!

It'll be sunny in June....honest

wow !

wow !

and wow again....

a real cowboy....

The bikes taking a rest after climbing for 11 miles......yes an 11 mile climb

a puncture.....surely not

team mechanic....Adam

turning the pedals....

still turning the pedals...

still turning the pedals...but not the handlebars

I hereby reclaim all ownership....

just one of the awesome views....Just leaving Yellowstone

Bar-b-q in Walmart carpark....a free campsite on more than one occasion...

sunset over Walmart.....

it was cold...we were just warming up....honest

proving it was a good idea to stop due to strong winds....

and in the red corner.....

asleep......nah! just resting our eyes...

not again....get back on ya bikes !

High up in Virginia.....

the blue ridge mountains of Virginia...

The long and not so winding road.....


an 'arty photo' by Laura...

group hug at the start of the last day....

the support crews....wanna do a bit of riding too....

joyous restraint knowing there is 15 miles left.....

little did we know (above) that we were just about to cycle in this.....

The wheels in the Atlantic.....

and a swim to cool off and celebrate....

enjoying a Starbucks in New York before we flew home...

see Paul's Barn Collection....

Quote of the day; 'Last one in the sea's a sissy'

We cycled into Yorktown, VA, under police escort, threw the bikes down and ran into the sea to celebrate cycling from one side of the USA to the other.......We can honestly say, it has been the hardest physical challenge any of us have had to do.....times when we wanted to quit, times when our bodies were telling us we 'should' quit, times when the weather forced us to quit, but, without all those things, it wouldn't have been the challenge or the achievement it was.

There are many days still to update....ride stats etc....our USA team are already heading back to Oregon, we are packing and preparing to fly home.Over thenext few days we'll update our news page with full ride details and names of all those fantastic people who have supported us and made Bobby on a Bike 2008 so much more enjoyable....but for now...we're looking forward to British Airways flying us home.

June 12th

All riders cycling together....

Kremmling, CO to Fairplay, CO (incorp' Hoosier Pass, at 11,500ft, the highest point on the Transamerica Trail.

Distance - 78.35 miles

Time cycling - 6 hrs 22 mins

We've made it to another rest / non cycling day.....thanks for coming back and visiting the site to read our updates.....and thanks for being patient...we've not had too much chance to get onto the internet....thanks also for those messages of support we're getting.

We made it across the highest point on the Transamerica trail over 11,500 feet, it was the biggest climb we had to conquer.....and needless to say, we all did it...reaching deep inside us for the last little piece of strength and determination.....Paul and Laura had both been nervous about the climb, but made it to the top with a few breaths to spare.

Mid June, that'd be a good time to do the ride.....yeah....nice and warm, short sleeve jerseys all the way...yeah right...we've seen more snow here in the last couple of weeks than the UK has seen in years !! Neil, Paul and laura even had to take a break to avoid a blizzard....the visibility went dangerously bright as they are in the fluorescent cycle jackets, it was decided to go for the safe haven of the RV for a while.

Just about halfway's been very very hard work to date....but worth it for some of the views we've had.....the highlight for Neil, Jeff and Paul, was seeing a grizzly bear mum and her 2 cubs.....wild as wild can just doesn't get any better than that.

signing off for this update.....we'll try to get more on here for you all to see for now, from the UK to the west coast of the USA, keep pedalling......

June 11th

Team 1 - Jeff, Robert, Nick
Rand, WY to Kremmling, CO
80 miles

Team 2 - Neil, Laura, Paul
Riverside, WY to Rand, WY
36 miles in Laura's gears broke, day abandoned to trawl for a bike shop.....

June 10th

Team 1 - Robert, Nick, Jeff, Paul
Lander, WY to Lamont, WY
Distance - 92 miles
Time cycling - 5 hrs 20 mins

Team 2 - Neil, Laura
Lamont, WY to Walcott, WY
36 miles in 3 hrs 29 abandoned due to severe gales and dangerous conditions.....

June 9th

Team 1 - West Yellowstone, MT to Moran Junction, WY
Distance - 110 miles
Time cycling - 7 hrs 24 mins

Team 2 - Neil, Paul, Laura
Moran Junction, MT to Fort Washakie, MT
Distance - 101.31 miles
Time cycling - 5 hrs 36 mins

June 8th

Team 1 - Neil, Robert, Nick
Jackson, MT to Alder, MT
Quote of the day - 'Got snow'
Distance - 95.18 miles
Time cycling - 5 hrs 48 mins

Team 2 - Jeff, Laura, Paul
Alder, MT to West Yellowstone, MT
Distance - 96.07 miles
Time cycling - 6 hrs 58 mins

June 7th

Team 1 - Paul, Laura, Robert
Lolo, MT to Connor, MT
Quote of the day ' I had a good blow at the back of the garage'
Distance - 71.06 miles
Time cycling - 4 hrs 50 mins

Team 2 - Neil, Nick, Jeff
Connor, MT to Jackson, MT
Distance - 68.18 miles
Time cycling - 5 hrs 3 mins

Thursday 5th June

Team 1 - Neil, Laura and Paul
Quote of the day - 'Roger the Bear'
Riggins,ID to Syringa,
Distance - 91.68 miles
Time cycling - 6 hours 49 mins

Team 2 - Jeff, Robert and Nick
Quote of the day - '3 men on a mission'
Sringa,ID to Lolo,MT
Distance - 120 miles
Time cycling - 7 hours 39 mins

Wednesday 4th June

Team 1 - Neil, Jeff and Nick.
Quote of the day 'Got wind'
Halfway,OR to Council,ID
Distance - 78.67 miles
Time cycling - 5 hours 47 mins

Team 2 - Robert, Laura and Paul.
Quote of day - 'Can I see some ID please'
Council,ID to Riggins,ID
Distance - 62 miles
a slow ol' ride......

Tuesday 3rd June

Team 1 - Neil, Laura and Nick
Quote of the day - 'wet'
Mitchell,OR to Dixie Pass,OR
Distance - 91.14 miles
Time cycling - 7 hours 2 mins

Team 2 - Jeff, Paul and Robert
Quote of the day - 'I think it's brightening up'
Dixie Pass,OR to Halfway,OR
Distance - 114.40 miles
Time cycling - 7 hours 36 mins

Monday 2nd June

Team 1 - Nick, Robert and Jeff.
Springfield,OR to Sisters,OR
Distance - 100.30 miles
Time cycling - 6 hours 27 mins

Team 2 - Neil, Laura and Paul
Quote of the day; 'Those ducks gave those beavers a good lickin'......
Sisters,OR to Mitchell, OR
Distance - 92.22 miles
Time cycling - 6 hours 19 mins

Sunday 1st June 2008
Quote of the day; 'I'm just putting ammonia on it to keep the bears away'
Florence,OR to Springfield, OR
Distance; 70.52 miles
Time cycling; 4 hrs 36mins
Fastest speed; 34 mph

Awake at 6am to be greeted by a lady from Florence PD putting ammonia on a cloth and hanging it on the trash dumpster near to the RV.....the quote of the day explains why.....we hadn't been made aware of that fact when we arrived, Jeff was most upset to think his cookies may have been in danger!

We headed out of Florence turning east....leaving the west coast behind us and the east coast over 4,000 miles ahead of us, at least we know we'll always be cycling towards home....a few miles in saw the rain appear, the forecast had not predicted rain, but after 15 miles or so it eased off and made for a decent day for cycling....a BOAB record for the 'flat' yesterday and a record today for the first fall....just a quick lack of concentration and Neil was on the deck with his bike in the air, having failed to 'unclip' the his shoes from the pedal....all ok tho and he'll be ok to cycle the rest of the way....o he's so glad.

Laura and Paul saw their first big climb to date, but did really well, just picking off each 100yrds as they went, before they knew it, they were flying at 34mph down the other side.

The support crews are finding their feet in the their roles very quickly...with some excellent service being provided to the cycle team.....tomorrow sees the first 'split' ride, with the cyclists splitting into 2 groups to cover the 200 miles....only 4 days till our first rest stop, yippeeeeeee

We may not be able to update as much as previous rides...but hope to keep a daily written log and email that to the site as and when we can, so please keep coming back - feel free to email and offer words of support, or indeed any other word you may wanna throw at us.

Saturday 31st May 2008

Quote of the day; 'Don't make me come over there and hit you Jeffery'
Coos Bay, OR to Florence, OR
Distance; 50 miles
Time; 3 hrs 29 mins

9 o'clock saw the BOAB team meet at the Coos Bay Boardwalk, together with press from TV and newspaper. We dipped our wheels in the Coos Bay Slough to mark the start of the ride, it would be nice if that was the last time they get wet till we reach Virginia.

A slow start to the ride, some of us have not been on our bikes for more than a week....escorted out of Coos Bay and North Bend by 4 patrol cars with Mark Erith up front on his motor bike.

15 miles into the day and laura let out a squeal after her back tyre went 'bang' after hitting a sharp stone, tyres and tubes replaced before we got back on the road, heading north along the 101 to Reedsport, we were picked up south of the town by 3 patrol cars and escorted to our lunch stop.

After lunch we headed out of town escorted again by the PD together with a truck from the fire dept'.

We soon headed up our highest climb so far.....1000ft.....only ten times lower than we'll face later into the trip.

May 30th 2008

Quote of the day; 'd'you wanna rub my ring again?'

Day 3 - Coos Bay, OR

We have finally arrived at Coos Bay, Oregan, our start point for the ride across the USA......having spent the first day with BA and the second day floating down the I-5 in our 31ft 5 miles to the gallon !!

Our friends in the Seattle area have eased our transition to life in the US......some of us have already succumbed to the cookie least 3 salads have been consumed tho :-)

A full prep' day planned for today, the bikes have to be put back to working arriving for interviews at 10, pizza ordered for 2 and the truck loaded ready for the big off tomorrow.......

A short update to start.......fingers not flowing for updates just yet.....please keep coming the actress said to the read about how our journey home via 4,500 miles in the saddle, goes....

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