Canada to Mexico - 2005

Sunday 22 May 12:00 AM - Saturday 25 Jun 2005 12:00 AM

Canada to Mexico - 2005

2005 saw Neil and Tony return to cycle the 1,800 miles along the west coast for a 2nd time. This time they were supported by Chris Rodda, and joined in the pedal by Jeff Cribb. The money raised from this event was donated to Suffolk Help in Multiple Sclorosis and The Miles Alder Trust. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to start reading the daily updates from the event.

17 July 2005

We'd like to add some thanks, a little belated, but better late than never...

A number of companies / organisations have donated to our cause, we'd like to thank them for their support.

The Cake Shop, Thoroughfare, Woodbridge

Roy Humphrey,

D J Spall,(recycling) Ltd, Dallinghoo

Chancery Garage Ltd, 24hr Breakdown and repairs, Gt Whip St, Ipswich.

25 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'Today... we will mostly be packing... '

... and now the end is near and so we face the final curtain...

We've spent the day cleaning the RV and trying to fit all our bits and pieces into the suitcases and boxes. Just the one bike to pack... Tony and Neil's bikes have been left at Coos Bay PD as part of the Coos Bay to UK ride planned for May next year. They'll be cycled by 2 of the Coos Bay officers during the training for and completion of their ride in the UK... then handed back to us, a good 12 months more advertising for TREK and a great little link story for us and the Coos Bay team. Watch this space for a link to their site when it is created.

We had a great fundraiser last evening, raising over $700 to add to the amount raised during the trip... thanks to Gail for hosting that.

So... just a few hours left in the States... the last 4 weeks or more have been amazing, the support has, again, been overwhelming, we've made some great new friends, some of whom we'll be seeing in the UK over the next 12 months... We're certainly looking forward to returning the support shown to us !!

Here's the bobbies on their bikes (and in the support vehicle) signing off... maybe not for ever... but lets leave that there for now.

19 June 2005

We received some bad news today from home, a friend and colleague was killed whilst driving their patrol car in Ipswich, late Saturday evening. The passenger is seriously ill in hospital.

We're all thinking of them and their families in this very sad time.

Remember... we serve and protect, but we ourselves are vulnerable too... please take a moment when you read this and think of our friends.

18 June 2005

Please check out the gallery link on the front/homepage... we've added some pictures.

16 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'are we there yet?'

Route; Newport Beach - Mexico

Mileage; 102.48

time cycling; 6hrs 49mins

Well... here we are... the last riding diary entry, another 100 miler today, our 3rd in 7 days! We left Newport Beach in the rain wearing rain coats !! yes in southern CA !! Got about a mile down the road when a driver shouted out of their window... go you guys ! read about you in the paper ! good luck !!... fantastic...

Rode in the wet for about 15 miles, then were able to get rid of the jackets and subject the southern californians to bobby on a bike in lycra !! he he he

A stop at about 57 miles for a breakfast bagle, then on the road again till the border, fighting our way through downtown San Diego, passed the end of the runway at the main airport, very nearly being blown off the bikes by the backdraft from a DC9 taking off !!

Photos and stuff at the border, where Chris and Matt had been chatting to the border patrol, enabling us to get our feet into mexico for photos... a bottle of cold champagne was given to Jeff, who then sprayed half the bottle over neil and tony...

It's been a great trip... hard work... anyone thinking it's a holiday needs to get their butt on a couple of inches of saddle and do what we've done in the last few weeks... we've had ups and downs, trials and tribulations... but it's been a great trip and one we'll not forget for a long while.

We'd like to thank all the depts and individuals along the route who have been just awesome in the support for our cause.

Please check back as we'll add the odd update here before we get back to the UK.

note from Neil,

I've enjoyed adding these updates on behalf of the team, I hope you've enjoyed reading them and thanks for following us over the last 23 days of cycling.

15 June 2005

Qoute of the day; '360 view'

Route; Santa Monica - Newport Beach

Mileage; 55.60

time cycling; 3hrs 52mins

Shorter day today, but not that quick a pace, had to negotiate the hectic highways of LA... on the last ride Neil and Tony rode this on a weekend... a lot more traffic about today !! made for some tough cycling... but we made it through to the other side... and had the luxury of some nice beach cycle paths !

Met at the Newport Beach city limits by the PD lead by Bill Hartford, 2 motorcycles and a patrol car escorted us in... we had our friend Jim Halloran with us... local to the LA area and our guide through the city.

last day tomorrow... looking forward to that update... till then... thanks for the support, we will get back to you all over the weekend.

14 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'who said you could get up that hill first!!'

Route; Santa Barbara - Santa Monica

Mileage; 100

Time cycling; 6hrs 15mins

Yes another 100 miler... the last day is too, so that'll be 3 in a 7 day period!!

A fairly slow start to the day, took a while for all the muscles and joints to get into play! Some dusty windy roads, alongside fields and fields of cabbage, strawberries and various other veggies !! fantastic views !!

Some great few miles along the Pacific Highway on newly laid roads... through Malibu and very overpriced ocean view houses !!

Got caught in some heavy traffic, but with a large shoulder at the side of the road we were able to move along at a great pace.

Stopped outside some friends in Santa Monica and headed into town for a donated meal at the Kings Head. Whilst sat eating dinner we saw... cor blimey nana moon... Shane Ritchie !! guess he's on a filming break !


13 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'Horny cow'

Route; Pismo Beach - Santa Barbara

Mileage; 71.88

Time cycling; 4hrs 26mins

A late start to the day, left Pismo at 10am, thanks very much to the Pd for the support. Headed out to the point we'd cycled to the day before, some 15 miles out of town. 10 miles into the ride it was Tony's turn to get a puncture ! hopefully that's it.

Went in land away from the sea, the further we got the hotter it got, went up to 90degrees plus as we headed over a 900ft climb... nice drop down to Lompoc.
We stopped there for lunch with Dave Duskin, Lompoc PD, who we met on the last ride, bar-b-q and donations, thanks very much.

Left Lompoc back to the valleys, the heat beating down on us, rode over 18 miles on some very rough road, this made umcomfortable little bits even more uncomfortable.

The last 20 miles was on some boring freeway... in the fog !! strange end to a very hot day.

Finished the ride in Santa Barbara, heading back to El Capitan State Beach, as arranged by the CHP, many thanks to them.

12 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'Which RV are you at'

Route; San Simeon - Guadalupa

Mileage; 66.29

Time cycling; 4hrs 6mins

Fog fog and more fog... coming in off the sea, made for a cool start to the day, slower start as thighs were aching, must have been all the singing and dancing around the fire the night before !!

Not a great news day today... just cycling and turning the pedals, but a little harder as the wind was in our faces, so kept swapping around and taking the front to ease the way.

We cycled a little further than the pre-planned route, just because we could !! now back at Pismo Beach PD, being well looked after, as we have been all route !!

We'd all like to say a special hello to all at Sproughton Primary School, the children have been following our progress over the last few weeks. They've also been fund raising for us too, having they're own sponsored bike ride and other events... so THANK YOU.

11 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'those cheeks will get burnt'

Route; Big Sur - San Simeon

Mileage; 74.35

Time cycling; 4hrs 53mins

We left the CHP outpost of Big Sur under a cloak of fog... but that soon burnt off as we started a long climb up and over the hills... Tony said, 'this looks like Switzerland', so you can guess what the climbing was like.

Some of the most amazing coastline we've cycled... 900ft drops to the ocean made it all exciting !! ha ha... so 100% concentration as we sailed down the hills at 38mph, inches away from certain death !! ooooo scary.

The wind was with us again, making up for the time Neil and Tony did it in 2002, very little tail winds then, well not the sort that helps the cycling that is !! Made our way along the flatter coast into San Simeon at a steady 25mph with not too much work... a little respite from the hard work up and down the hills.

Stopped for the evening at a state camp ground, bought some wood and had a sing song around an open fire... ging gang gooly gooly gooly watcha ging gan go... yes the sun is sending us crazy... crazy frog crazy... beep beep.

10 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'burger and fries'

Route; Sunset Beach State Park - Big Sur

Mileage; 56.60

Time cycling; 3hrs 45mins

We'd made up the miles yesterday... so the ride today was shorter than planned. There was going to be miles of bike path cycling, so we went unsupported, cash in the back pockets today not a banana, Chris and Matt went off to do the chores, dump the tanks, refill with water, laundry at the laundro-matt and shopping at safeway.

Neil, Jeff and Tony stopped in Monteray for lunch, topping up for the next few miles... .proper sports nutrition on burger and fries !!!

Headed south through Carmel, looking down on some of the most amazing houses perched on the cliff edges... a good wind behind us helped getting up some of the bigger hills heading into Big Sur.

Staying now at a CHP out post (californian highway patrol) thanks to Franks and Sally Packard for their support.

09 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'brakes... '

Route; San Francisco - Sunset State Beach.

Mileage; 104.31

Time cycling; 6hrs 50mins

Yes... you read right... 104 miles !! and all unsupported with just bottles of water and a banana in the back pocket!

The day started with goodbye's to our friends in SF... then an escort out of the city with 7 motorcycle cops !! yes 7, it was great fun ! serious buzzzz, feeling like bigs kids with silly smlies in the faces... great too for Chris and Matt as the RV was included in this escort.

The fog was really thick as we headed out toward to west side... staying with us for about 30 miles, made negotiating Devils Slide a bit hair raising !! the visibilty was down to about 50ft in places.

40 miles out we had some technical problems with the RV... so Chris and Matt stayed, found a garage and got the RV fixed, we rode off... 64 miles further down the coast... Quick dinner and off for the best nights sleep we'd all had so far !!

08 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'no rain here this time of year... '

Rest day taken in SF... a lie in then across to the city from our home on Treasure Island to the Police officers assoc building. Presentation to us of a donation cheque and baseball hats, in return we gave them some framed BOAB stuff and a Suffolk Constabulary helmet.

Off into the city, in the rain, for the ol' tram ride... then walk along Fishermans Wharf... have to do the tourist stuff !

Later in the day we went to the ball park to see the Giants game, it rained, rained a little more then started to rain a little more still... so after 2 hours we gave up on the game and headed back to Treasure Island. Glad we'd had the ball game experience.

Well rested and ready for the next few days.

07 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'get off the path !!'

Route; Olema Ranch - San Francisco.

Mileage; 42.05

Time cycling; 3hrs

Leaving the campground we turned left approx 3 tenths of a mile and started a mile long climb !! no chance to warm up... thighs soon burning... but knowing that we only had a short ride today was good.

By the time we'd cycled 18 miles or so, we were onto city streets, but made good time despite STOP signs and nearly running pedestrians over!!

Cycled to the top of the marin Headlands giving a great view down over the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco... a gorgeous sunny day that made the views so much better.

2pm saw us meet with Marty Halloran, of the SFPD police officers assoc. along with 4 motorcycle cops, who gave the 3 cyclists one hell of an escort through the city !! we had people hooting their car horns, people waiting at bus stops and on street corners, cheering and waving at us !! what a buzz... makes all the aches and pains go away for a few minutes.

We're parked up at the marina on Treasure Island, leaving SF on Thursday morning, so a days rest to recover and prepare for the next 8 days of cycling... no rest till we get to Mexico.

Thanks to the SFPD POA for dinner, donations and tickets to the Giants baseball game this evening.

Thanks for being patient with the updates, we've been unable to get to any internet hook up for a few days, this may be the case for the next couple of days too... but we're still here, still pedalling hard... and still very grateful for all the emails of support !

06 June 2005

Quote of the day; ' up and down like a fiddlers elbow'

Route ; Gualala - Olema Ranch, Hwy 1, Marin County.

Mileage; 77.64

Time cycling; 4hrs 58mins

Another hard hard day !! more of the same from yesterday, and probably a few of the steepest and longest climbs we've done, giving our gears the hardest workout so far.

Crossed the 1,000 miles cycled point today !! nice milestone...

We all managed to get the bikes at over 50mph !! as we headed away from the coast down a long smooth surfaced road... hell of a rush.

We stopped in a commercial campground, with water and electric hooked up, so no need to sit on the loo holding the coffee machine.

Chris made a great chilli, with a starter of Tammy's smoked salmon... mmmm mmmmmm, we'll have to pick some more of that up as we go back to our friends in Coos Bay on the return leg... hint hint.

Neil then made pancakes... so we were all well and truly stuffed !! or was it packed with carbs for the next days ride ???????

05 June 2005

Quote of the day; Beam me up scotty... '

Route; Fort Bragg - Gualala

Mileage; 68.43

Time cycling; 4hrs 20mins

The day started with Chris leaping out of bed on hearing the sound of an original 1942 Ford Jeep... Don had managed to get it started while we'd all slept... so off went Chris beaming from ear to ear driving this jeep...

Hard days ride again... along the coastal roads that climbed and climbed then dropped again tp the coves and bays... harder than the longer consistant climbing we'd done to date...

Strong winds all day, that gusted in off the sea... threatening to blow us under the next RV... or off the edge of the road... with no barriers... to a watery grave 500ft below.

We ended the day at a state camp ground, fairly basic camping, with no water or electirc hook up... we improvised and used the electric socket in the loo to plug the coffee machine in !!

04 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'Happy Birthday to you'

Route; Garberville - Fort Bragg

Mileage; 70.29

Time cycling; 4hrs 50mins

Birthday party last night and 2 litres of red wine consumed... Chris, Matt, Tony and Jeff suprised Neil with a meal and cards... very touched... glad the red wine had little effect when we woke this morning.

We started off from garberville straight into the climbing, today was going to be the toughest climbing of the trip, Legget Hill... a climb of 4.5 miles that kept it's gradiant all the way to the top !! but... one hell of a ride down the other side. It had been re-surfaced since Neil and Tony rode it 3 years ago, so it was fun ! 40mph and braking hard to take corners that were sign posted to cars for 15mph... one big adrenalin rush.

The hardest part of the day came with the last 25 miles into Fort Bragg, with short steep climbs a plenty... harder thanthe 4.5 miles of consistant climbing up Legget Hill.

Lt Don Miller rode out to meet us on his Harley, we'd about 28 miles to go, he'd packed an extra helmet and leather jacket, size 'small'... so guess what, Matt rode on a Harley, along some of the most amazing coast line in the world ! he rode off giving us a royal wave and a huge grin across his face.

We've probably worked off more today than any other day... the sun had been out most of the way... which made for some serious sweating going on... Jeff even managed to break into a sweat... with 2 beads visible on his forehead !! this from a man that never sweats !

Into Fort Bragg and hosted again this year by Don and Mary Miller.

03 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'We're doing well, no punctures yet... psssssssssssss'

Route; Eureka - Garberville

Mileage; 71.56

Time cycling; 4hrs 36mins

30 miles of freeway cycling to start the day, on a shoulder littered with rubbish, wood, rubber, nuts and bolts, not much fun, especially with logging trucks going by 2ft away!

Apparently, Tony was just thinking how lucky we'd been to have got so far without any punctures, when Neil shouted 'FLAT'... front wheel punctured. Quick repair at the side of the road, as Jeff kept an eye on the oncoming traffic, we'd seen a few trucks swerving into the shoulder, so were on our guard.

Glad to get to 30 miles, where we were able to turn off the freeway onto the 35 mile Avenue of Giants... Redwood after Redwood, 52,000 acres of the things, some over 2,000 years old, an awesome sight.

All feeling tired today, with each of us going through our own moment of feeling flat with tired non working thighs !

Back onto the freeway for the last 8 or so miles, just incase we had anything left in the tanks, a long steep climb into Garberville just about finished us off. Recovery drinks at the ready and a hot shower at Humboldt County Sheriff's office picked us up a little.

Laundry day today... so off for an entertaining hour or so in the laundromat.

Thanks to Sgt Mike Hislop from Eureka PD for hosting us... we experienced Calzone for the first time... Jeff went for the large one, could have fed us all.

Till later... ...

02 June 2005

Quote of the day; 'an uncanny confluence of events'

Route; Crescent City - Eureka

Mileage; 83.75

Time Cycling; 5hrs 30mins

Eureka ka ka ka... .

Just a couple of miles to warm up before we started some of the longest climbing so far, just about 7 miles, maybe just a few little down hills, but mostly up up and up a little more... bit tight in places due to road works, some serious sweating going on by the time we reached the summit. No record speeds today, as the road surfaces were not good and the wind was gusting off the sea at 30mph plus ! you'll have to wait for them.

We've got into a good habit of shouting out bad road conditions, wood in the road and other hazards, this is usually done by the cyclist at the front, just so those behind can look up and take action... today though, in the darkness of the Redwoods, a hole was missed, Neil hit this and seriously banged his nether regions on the saddle... you could hear the groan echo around the woods... well maybe just above the laughter from Jeff and Tony... quick stop to take some breath subsequently dropping the bike and cutting his leg !!

Headed in Eureka fighting very strong side wind, Tony reckons any stronger and we'd have been leaning over at 45degrees.

Currently at Eureka Police Dept, getting showered and a little more respectable... or was it less smelly... till tomorrow.

01 June 2005

Quote of the day; '... it's windy here'

Rest day - Crescent City,CA

Crescent City PD and Chief Doug Plack have done us proud, the RV has been made redundant for a couple of nights and the Lighthouse Hotel, Hwy 101 has become our home... thinking we may stay here... all thanks to the PD. This has allowed us to re-charge and prepare for the next 1,200 miles !!

So, a little lie in before heading off to the PD to spend the morning cleaning and oiling the bikes. But... before Neil and Matt joined the others at the PD, they went to Ocean World, where Matt braved petting the sharks... we'd seen bill boards advertising the place, picturing an aggressive Great White !! think about the fisherman's tale... 'it was this big'... and you'll get the idea.

The local newspaper was delivered to the PD, with the 3 amigos pictured front page... ha ha ha... bet they didn't sell many copies today!

Jeff, seeing the size of the Californian surf, went to the local surf shop to hire wetsuit and board... but... it was closed for the week... plenty of time.

We left the hotel yesterday in tears... we'd been in the lift and someone had made a little smell... as the lift doors opened and revealed a young couple waiting, Matthew shouted 'O Dad, that stinks'... as you can imagine, Neil was gutted to think that he'd been blamed, we all left the hotel crying with tears of laughter...

anyway... back to the serious stuff of cycling the west coast of the USA... 80 miles tomorrow, with some bigger climbs than we've seen so far!

31 May 2005

Quote of the day; 'don't forget to check your nuts... '

Route; Gold Beach,OR - Cresent City,CA

Mileage; 55.10

Time cycling; 3hrs 36mins

We left Gold Beach waved off by the Mayor at City Hall, after a press interview.
A quick 2 miles warm up before a 3 mile climb, only just enough time to get the legs warmed up!
The wind we had at our backs yesterday came back up from the south to say hello... so we did some serious 'tailing' each other for the first time... a shout of 'ON THE LEFT' and the one at the back flew by and picked up the front spot taking the wind, working twice as hard as the guys behind. This helped a great deal as we did the last 15 miles into Cresecent City.

We stopped at the Oregon / Californian border at the Cafe'RV, Rodz providing a variety of fresh sandwiches,salad and soup, good for most tastes, helps keeps those legs feeeling strong. Prior to our arrival he'd been stalked by a guy dressed in camo' clothing, hiding in the bushes, we just assumed he'd heard about the good food provided...


30 May 2005

Quote of the day; 'Can I pull on your horn again... please'

Route; Coos Bay - Gold Beach

Mileage; 79.47

Time cycling; 5hrs

Awesome !! that's what we said as we left Coos Bay, the PD headed by Sgt Robert Loundsbury looked after us so well, keeping up the support we have received to date. A fantastic dinner at the Mayors Italian restaurant with half the PD, followed by a presentation of gifts to us all, including a huge bag of goodies for Matthew, who stood at the front for ages taking 'all' the things out of the bag... it's a pity he's so shy!!

After dinner, Matthew and the other big kid among us,(can't say his name, but he's well over 6ft) had a visit to Coos Bay Fire Dept and... a ride in the big red fire engine... this at 10.30 at night, so what did they do ? put the blue lights and sirens on ! rode through town, honk honk honk... waking half the town as they went.

Anyway, back to the cycling... left Coos Bay with Robert and Rich escorting us, thanks to Bandon PD for the escort through their town. Hand shakes and stuff and off we went to Gold Beach... with a fantastic tail wind, the best we've had to date... made great time... and topped our fastest speeds, again, varying between 47 and 52 mph ! yipeeeeeee

Updating this from the public library in Gold Beach, with the smell of coffee just about over powering the smell of jeff's sweaty bike shorts... just.

Coos Bay PD are arranging a cycle trip to the UK next May, we're hoping, with the support of Suffolk Constabulary, to make their trip to the UK as memorable as ours here has been.

29 May 2005

Quote of the day; 'So ? This is the short cut?'

Route; Florence - Coos bay

Mileage; 52.02

Time; 3hrs 43mins

A most welcome shorter ride today, the 7th day in a row cycling, so nice to have an easier day. We were joined in Florence by Sgt Robert Loundsbury of Coos Bay PD, along with a few 'real' cyclists from the Coos Bay cycle club. One guy who'd recently completed a solo cycle across the USA 4,300 miles in 43 days !! yeah you work out the high average !! They were great in keeping the speed down for us little 'ol bobbies on bikes.
A cooler day, but fortunately no rain. The ride into Coos Bay city was halted 5 miles out, where we were interviewed by the TV/media, and joined by a number of Coos bay and Northbend PD officers, cycled into town with a convey of about 15 cyclists ! police and fire service blue light escorts !! great fun, helps take away the pain of cycling 1,800 miles.
We drew so much attention that a 3 car crash occured by people not looking where they were going.
As we're wearing Discovery Channel clothing we reckon people think we're the Lance Armstrong crew training for the tour !! ha ha ha

28 May 2005

Quote of the day; 'Cruzin and playing my radio... with no particular place to go'

Route; Lincoln City - Florence

Milegae; 76.64

Time cycling; 5hrs 39mins

An unsupported day today for the cyclists, the RV stopped off at the first RV 'mending shop' that Chris could find, some 4 hours and $260 later the RV was fixed, just what we could have done without... we cycled with a few dollars in the pockets and stopped halfway for a clam chowder and bread roll, then back on the bikes for the second half. Lovely weather today, rain rain and a little more rain. Mind you it was a little relief from the intense heat over the last few days.

Not too many big climbs, but plenty of roller coaster hills to keep you on your toes, some with a unprotected drop-off to the pacific!

We passed by Depoe Bay, the place to whale watch... did see a whale breaching in the distance, so Neil's happy he's seen a whale.

Some pretty dirty cycle clothing being washed now at Florence PD, then off out to get some well earned dinner.

We'd like to thank Lincoln City PD for all their support last night, the pizza was great and certainly saw us through our unsupported day.

Thanks again for all the emails, please keep 'em coming, we'd love to reply to you all, but just get time to do these updates.

27 May 2005

Quote of the day; 'shit happens... '

Route; Manzanita - Lincoln City

Mileage; 71.53

Time cycling; 5hrs 10mins

Left Mazanita shrouded in mist, nice cool start to the day... a steady few miles to ease to aching muscles in, still sore from the climbs the day before. We had been taken by Mike and Sonja to watch the sunset over the Oregon coast, lots of ooo's and aarrhh's... mainly from the cyclists as they tried to climb the sand dunes, but there may have been some for the sunset too.

Some big big climbs today, they just keep getting bigger... but then one hell of a ride down the other side, we managed 43mph... and in a 35mph limit! waiting for the citation to drop through the RV door.

Arrived on the outskirts of Lincoln City to be escorted the last few miles by Lincoln City Police Dept, all the locals stood and looked as we came by, numerous police vehicles around us... gave the odd royal wave here and there !!

But... as we were having fun with that, Chris and Matt were at the back of the escort as the RV poop tank fell off ! causing a huge bang under as the back wheels hit it ! leaving the best part of the bobby on a bike team splashed over the highway !

So... as this is typed, Lincoln City PD are helping sort the problem out.

26 May 2005

Quote of the day; 'fanny tanning'

Route ; Bruceport - Manzanita

Mileage ; 88.51

Time cycling; 6hrs 16mins

It can only get cooler... 86 degrees today... my o my... hard hard work getting up some of the biggest and longest climbs of the ride so far ! So hot a change of cycle shorts came into play half way throught the day... hope there's enough vaseline to go around !

Big thrill of the day was cycling the Astoria bridge over the Columbia River ! 4 miles of the thing ! strong side winds and no shoulder to escape the traffic... yee ha !

Finaaly hit the pacific ocean today, some gorgeous views just about made the pain of climbing serious hills bareable ! Spoke with a group of Harley Davidson riders... tried to get them to do a bike swap... but they weren't too keen... o well, guess a few more days on the bike.

Arrived in Manzanita, hosted this evening by Mike and Sonja Moon, Mike passes greetings to all in Suffolk Police... missing you loads... ha ha.

25 May 2005

Quote of the day ; 'haulin' logs... '

Route ; Hoosport - Bruceport

Mileage ; 88.79

time cycling ; 5hrs 32min

An early start on the roller coaster road alongside the Hood Canal, most upset that the pod of Orca left last week, after upsetting the local Indian tribe by eating all the salmon ! o well, maybe a chance to see more whales later in the ride.

Special thanks to Mason County Sheriff Dept, John, Rick, Dwayne, Jan and Barabra, who between them took us to dinner, organised the RV park, escorted us every mile of mason County and donated nearly $300 to our cause... thanks very much.

The day was had work in 80 degree heat ! long climbs with the heat bouncing off the road at you, made it tough going. You have to feel for the boys in the RV... they had to turn the air con' on !!

The plan had been to cycle to Raymond, we did, but after a jelly bean induced high we cycled a further 15 miles !! Many thanks to Raymond PD for covering the coast of the RV park and dinner.

24 May 2005

Quote of the day ; 'US101 and Highway 4... where's that then ?'

Route ; Fort Casey - Hoodsport.

mileage ; 61.67 miles

time cycling ; 4hrs 12mins

Thanks to you all who've been emailing us, please keep them coming, it's good to get the support.

We started the day with a 35 minute ferry ride to Port Townsend, picked up Highway 20 and followed that all the way to 101, the road we'll be on for most of the way ! Encountered our first significant climb so far, 3 miles up to the summit of Mount Walker, 8 mph up, then over 40 mph on the way down the other side.

We've also a new mascot, so that's 2 ! the new ones more of an orange colour and fighting for top position on the RV dash... you all think we've gone mad don't you ?? All will be revealed soon.

We'd like to say a speacial thanks to Dale and Sharon from Whideby Island for inviting us to dinner last evening.

Currently at the Glen Ayr RV park on the banks of the Hood Canal, Hoodsport, WA, thanks to them for allowing us where the 'normal' customers aren't allowed, to update our site. check them out at

23 May 2005

Quote of the day; 'I've never seen one that bad... '

route; Canadian border, Blaine - Oak Harbour.

mileage; 81.2

time cycling; 5hrs 50mins

Well... what can we say ! who's bloody stupid idea was this, in true bobby on a bike tradition the first day hasn't gone to plan, at least 2 or more hours taken out of the day with technical difficulties. Jeff had to pay a visit to a bike shop in Bellingham, Dan Remsen at Kulshan, thanks for your help, however, the bike is now running ok, with fingers, toes and any other digits being kept crossed.

We did finally manage 80 miles, but did come up short of our planned distance, so an early start in the morning to catch up.

The hills are as big as we remembered ! dogs still keen on chasing cyclists too... 2 rather large black dogs snapping at our heels at one point during the ride ! all of us half hoping they'd bite our calf muscles so we didn't have to ride tomorrow !!

To quote the words of Sir Steve Redgrave, Neil said, ' If after this ride you see me get on a bike, you have my permission to shoot me'...

Many thanks to Dale and Sharon Baker for the support on Sunday... we had a great afternoon and evening with them. We also have a mascot ! he sits in the window of the RV watching the route... little yellow painted face, plan to get photos of him and the team as we progress along the coast... we may even treat you to one on the website.

22 May 2005

Here we go with the daily updates from Bobby on a Bike 2005 !!

Quote of the day ; 'You kinda look like a chocolate sort of guy... '

We're here at last, 24hrs door to door on Friday, some great leg room on the Delta 37 flight from Gatwick made it more comfortable, especially for the longer legged one amongst us !

Hosted in Kirkland, Seattle by Don and Connie, they've done a fantastic job of taking care of us and allowed us to use their home as our own, thank you.

The bikes arrived in one piece earlier in the week, many thanks to DHL for providing the transportation. Our RV is ready for the off, kindly provided at a discount from All Seasons Recreational Rentals, of Monroe, WA.

We'll shortly be heading north along the I5 to Lummis Island, our stop for the evening prior to the start of the ride tomorrow... a wee 90 miler.

We hope you'll return here each day and follow us as we cycle 1,800 miles along the west coast of the USA, come wind, rain, snow, heat, colds, injuries etc etc, we will all be cycling every inch of the way !

Please feel free to email your support to us via the contact page.

We'd like to say congrats to Jeff and Chrissi, who only a matter of hours prior to Jeff leaving for Gatwick, had a gorgeous baby girl.

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