Canada to Mexico - 2002

Saturday 13 Apr 12:00 AM - Saturday 18 May 2002 12:00 AM

Canada to Mexico - 2002

Canada to Mexico 2002, the first ever bobby on a bike event. 1,800 miles along the west coast of America. Neil Smith and Tony Spry cycled, supported by Norman Wilcock. The money raised from the event was donated to The Prostate Cancer Charity and The National Asthma Campaign. Scroll to the bottom of the page and read up, to follow the day to day progress of the first 'boab'.

18 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'Could do with some more leg room... '

We are home in the UK... after 18 months of planning and nearly 5 weeks of execution, Cycle Challenge 2002 - Bobby on a Bike is all but over, there is still an amount of work to do to collect money, but in the main, what was planned has been achieved.

We would like to thank, again, everyone that has been so supportive throughout the challenge, it has been an amazing experience and one we would not have wanted to have missed.

The one overwhelming thing that stands out from this challenge, is the fantastic support, hospitality and real genuine kindness from all those we have had the pleasure to have met... THANK YOU.

There has been muted talk of another, bigger, further and harder, so, watch this space!

16 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'Surfs up dude... '

Well... the end is nigh... we leave the US tomorrow morning... we have had a great couple of days resting, thanks to Tom Bussey and all at Oceanside PD for making our last few days so great.

... and... the last day at the beach is in the rain!!!! just to make us ready for England.

14 May 2002

Quote of the ride; "Well... ?... where shall we cycle now then..?"

We have completed the challenge!!!!

We arrived at the border with Mexico at 5pm Sunday afternoon, after a 95 mile ride that took us 7 hours 22 minutes. We started the day at 7am... and by mid morning the temperature was up to 75F!

The ride could not have been possible if not for the fantastic support from all the police depts up and down the west coast... there are so many people to thank... we promise to thank them all individually when we get home.

The fund raising in the USA is still on going, the next big task is to get in all the promised money back home... so if you have sponsored us and not paid... please think about sending us money... and if you have pledged... it was harder than we thought... so pledge some more!... it's for a great cause.

Thanks to everyone who has been following us via the web site... watch this space for the next ride !!!!!!!!!!

11 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'I'm glad I have dark sunglasses... !'
Route cycled; Santa Monica - Laguna Beach
Distance cycled; 77 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 55 minutes

Well into the 70's... a vast amount of the ride today was negotiating our way around Los Angeles... dense traffic of 6 lanes... with most of the drivers being unable to see us for some reason... pretty nervy! but we made it through OK... then, as a reward, we spent miles and miles cycling well maintained bike paths along the beach... that was such hard work... the hardest cycling yet... ! Think about it... sun,sand and a line from a 'Beach Boys' song! just reward for the miles we have done to date!

We would like to thank Phil and Ruth at 'The Kings Head', Santa Monica, for the meal and hospitality they offered.

We have arrived at Laguna Beach without a place to stay... no room at the PD... so off to trawl the streets and beg again.

10 May 2002

Qoute of the day; 'Would you like me to show you where to put that finger ?'
Route cycled; Ventura to Santa Monica
Distance cycled; 58 miles
Time cycling; 3 hours 46 minutes

Wow... its a hot one today... we were joined just south of Ventura by Jim Halloran and Eileen Carry... 2 real cyclists..hence the time today was the fastest average to date ! A steady ride along good roads... through the Malibu could almost taste the money in the air... if not for the car fumes ! We cycled by the homes of the rich and famous, the likes of Steisand and Spielberg, some huge huge houses, tried to spot our next house, but at a starting price of $10 million a BIG win on the lottery wouldn't help much.

We're in Los Angeles county now, cycled passed the beach where the angels come out at sun rise... or was it sun set ?... if you have seen the film, City of Angels you will know what we are talking about.

09 May 2002

Quote of the day: 'Does that dog come as standard or is it an optional extra?'
Route cycled ; Lompoc - Ventura
Distance cycled; 89 miles
Time cycling; 6 hours 32 minutes

Another hot day... for some reason the sun was on our right for most of the day, the tan is looking even more strange ! The coughs and colds are easing which is making the cycling a little easier.

We added a few extra miles to the days ride and made good ground to Ventura, we had no pre planned support for the night, but would like to thank Ventura PD for being the only PD on our route to say NO to helping us... thanks... I think maybe a leaf out of their colleagues book of hospitality might be an idea.

So... after an hour driving around, we finally found somewhere to park the RV for the night... the gates of a closed park !

08 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'jesus!... thats sore!'
Route cycled; Cayucos - Lompoc
Distance cycled; 78 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 52 minutes

We turned inland after a few miles and the temperature soared! With the cough/colds we have it became harder to breath, especially when we climbed those hills!... like sucking air through a straw!

Wide wide open farm lands... flat as a pancake (just like the snakes on the road)... the wind was really strong today... 25mph plus with stronger gusts threatening to blow us under the next lorry!

We are getting close now... possibly only 5 days of cycling left, trying not to get too excited, it's still along way to go!

Apologies if the update are getting shorter... one day is becoming very much like the last... just turning and turning the pedals!

Thanks to Lompoc PD for the continued support

07 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'Life is like a box of chocolates'
Route cycled; Kirk Creek - Cayucos
Distance cycled; 60 miles
Time cycling; 4 hours 10 minutes

Blow wind ... blow!!!! yeah haaa, we have had such a tail wind today, it has been blowing us along the flats at 25mph plus... but very gusty, so we were having to have our wits about us.

The first 20 miles of the ride today was up and down! from sea level to 900ft, up and down... up and down... but the rest of the day was almost flat... we went form rugged coast to miles and miles open flowing grassland.

Another chilly start... but the sun soon burnt off the morning mist... more spaltters of sun screen... mind you... we are getting a very strange looking tan!... think about the cycle clothing!

Sorry for the belated updates... we have been unable to get and internet connection up until now... thanks to Sandy at Coastal Escapes, Cayucos, for allowing us to use the internet and keep you all posted.

06 May 2002

Quote of the day; Any room at the inn..?'
Route cycled; Castroville - Kirk Creek
Distance cycled; 84 miles
Time cycling; 6 hours 26 minutes

Another long day! wouldn't have been quite so long if we hadn't needed to keep going to find some place to stay for the night! We did try the... 'i'm a pregnant virgin approach'... but no-one believed us... finally we found some space to park at Kirk Creek Camp ground, a small RV / tent park perched on the cliff side over looking the pacific.

Lots of big climbs ... made worse by the fact that Neil has joined Tony with the fever... coughing and spluttering their way up and down the US coast.

All adds to the challenge!!!! yeah right

Some awesome views of the rugged Californian coast! and some pretty spectacular houses perched on the side of the cliffs... lots of times when you needed an eye on the road, an eye on the drop to the sea and rocks, hundreds of feet below and an eye on the traffic coming behind!... oh yes... bad news as we only have 2 eyes!

05 May 2002

Qoute of the day; ' strawberry fields forever'
Route cycled; Half Moon Bay - Castroville
Distance cycled; 73miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 10 minutes

A misty and cold start to the day, but it cleared and became hot as the day went on... cracking open the sun screen!
We averaged our best speed so far for the trip, mainly due to a good road (for a change) and some excellent tail winds.

We ended up at the artichoke capital of the world! there also appeared to be more fields of strawberries about the area than we have ever seen! we did think about scrumping, but thought we would get caught!... strawberries that is not the artichokes.

Parked for the night in a marina and found a really good deal on seafood for dinner, so a huge prawn cocktail and a glass of red wine in the RV finished the day nicely.

04 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work'
Route cycled; San Francisco - Half Moon Bay
Distance cycled; 41 miles
Time cycling; 3 hours 30 minutes

A shorter ride today, but we have got to the point of our pre-planned schedule. We have cycled on a further 10 miles from Half Moon Bay and driven back for the evening.
We left San Francisco escorted by Marty and 4 cycle cops, they cycled the 10 miles to the city limits with us and put us on the right road south.

Although we have only cycled 40 miles, it has been tough for Tony, he is suffering with a bed fever and struggling to get his lungs full! and on his birthday!

Lots of rest ready for tomorrow, back to the 70 miles days!

03 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'You arrested me once... didn't you ?'

What can we say!!! yet another US Police Dept looking after us so so well, we have been truly overwhelmed by the support our law enforcement colleagues in America have given us, words have been hard to find to show our gratitude to them, from the first day of the ride till now,, everyone has gone out of their way to support us. THANK YOU

The morning started off with a patrol of the Bay Area with SFPD marine section, racing around the bay on a rigid raider at break neck speed, a great way to see The Golden Gate and Alcatraz!

Then, the normal work on the bikes, strip them down,clean and grease everything!
Back into the city for the 'must do' tram ride of the streets of San Francisco, dinner and walk along Fisherman's Wharf... then a tour of the city on patrol with Sgt Bob Del Torre (great guy) we ended up on the 52nd floor of the highest building in SF, the sun had just set over the bridge! what a view! we were sat in a very very exclusive dining area, the head chef came to say hi, and amazingly came from the same part of London as Norman, David Lawrence, an amazing chef who treated us to some of his work! the best crab cakes, prawns and salad in the world!

It seemed a crime to end the evening, but we have to be back on the bikes for the last 700 miles of the challenge, no more rest now till we get to Mexico... you see! we earned yesterday! having worked our butts off for the last 3 weeks... this has been harder than we imagined, but has been a fantastic experience, made so much better by the support we have had along the way.

Thanks also to Marty Halloran of the SFPD union... just one more Drambuie!

02 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'Bobby on a bike on a Golden Gate Bridge'
Route cycled; Point Reyes station - San Francisco
Distance cycled; 43 miles
Time cycling; 3 hours 35 minutes

We've made it to our next milestone! a shorter ride today, having made excellent progress the last few days, our ride into San Francisco was only 42 miles, but still some hard cycling! Unable to use the main route in, we had to navigate our way rounds side streets to the Golden Gate Bridge. We were met there by SFPD and escorted the 10 miles across the city to Treasure Island... blue lights etc etc... heads turning wondering what all the fuss was about! 'hell of a ride'... as Tony keeps saying! probably the quickest anyone has ever cycled across downtown SF. All this on a day when the vice-president was in town!!

A rest for the rest of today... and some downtime sight seeing tomorrow... still not a holiday, a note to you cynics out there!! just a well earned rest after 2 and 1/2 weeks of hard work.

01 May 2002

Quote of the day; 'There she blows !!'
Route cycled; Stewarts Point - Point Reyes Station
Distance cycled; 73 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 10 minutes

A good ride today... o er misses... left Stewarts Point just after 7am... cycled 3 miles and saw a Grey whale and calf just off the shore line, no further than 50 yrds out! fantastic sight! hard to believe the calf was barely a few months old, but had already swam further than we had cycled... and still had to swim further than we have cycled.
The wind was behind us for the most of the day, which helped a lot! some awesome scenery... but with no verge and a 600 foot drop to the pacific, there was not alot of looking at the scenery going on! Norm' reckons it was his hardest driving day yet!

At 40 miles we headed in land for a while across a yo-yo of hills and grassland... managed a top speed of 42 mph!!

Sun screen out today... so much nicer cycling in the warmth... knees a whole lot better.

Just 30 miles now from The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco... another milestone we have been looking forward to.

The ride to date has been toughter than we expected, but we are still smiling!

30 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'Wetter is better!!'
Route cycled; Fort Bragg - Stewarts Point
Distance cycled; 71 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 12 minutes

The worst weather so far! cold and very very wet, pretty sure it wasn't rain... more like the sea being picked up and dumped upon us!, thick mist with visibility down to about 50yrds... pretty scary when you hear a screech of brakes behind you!
As the day progressed the wind pick up and fortunatly came from the north, so, despite the rain and mist we made good time, the best daily average speed so far. We may have had the longest and biggest hill yesterday, but today we had the steepest, I'm afraid to say we had to get off and walk! but when the vehicles coming by were wheel spinning trying to get up, you can see how steep it must have been.

Most of the aches seem to have eased... new ones to cope with, but we won't go into that! other than to say... you try sitting on a bike for 1,000 miles!!!!!

The sea has changed from a blue to a black, with heavy clouds just off the coast, in for another night of being woken by the rain banging on the RV roof.

No laundry facilities tonight... so we have hand washed and made make-shift washing lines in the RV,wet lycra hanging everywhere!!

Thanks to Don and Mary Miller of Fort Bragg, SO and PD for their support last evening..and thanks this evening to Archer Richardson of Stewart Point stores for allowing us to camp in his car park!

29 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'Leggett Hill... pusssyyy'
and... another quote of the day; 'Do you suppose those cows appreciate the view they have... ?'
Route cycled; Garberville - Fort Bragg
Distance cycled; 70 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 45 minutes

No time to warm up before we hit the hills !!! and was there some hills!! very cold and very wet today, probably colder than we had on the first day in Washington. All the aches and pains back with avengance... but we were in a positive frame of mind for the hills!! ( walls actually ) We knew today was going to be tough, the biggest hills we will face on the route! but we came, we saw, we conquered! "Per ardua ad astra"

Coming down the other side was harder than the climbing, S bend after S bend of steep, wet, rutted roads... 100% concentration required... yes we did manage!

We were at the 50 mile point before the weather improved, re-joining the coast... it was good to see the sea again!... but no whales still!

The warmth eased the ride into Fort Bragg... where as usual the Police Dept and Sheriff's offices were great!

... and Bob, we even saw an Osprey!

28 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'Wow... look at the size of that !!'
Route cycled; Eureka - Garberville
Distance cycled; 72 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 53 minutes

We left Eureka at 7.30am, in bright sunshine, very cold though... took a while to heat up to a comfortable level..made the aches and pains a little more bearable when it got warmer. At 20 miles we turned off the main 101 freeway and onto the aptly named Avenue of Giants, nearly 40 miles of endless Redwood forest... those trees are HUGE, some over 2,000 years old and over 250ft high, tried to look at the top of the trees but nearly fell backwards of the bike!

The road hugged the line of a crystal clear river... thought we saw Burt Reynolds again!

Big rest tonight as we have some mega climbs tomorrow... heading back to the coast, have been in land for 90% of today... looking forward to seeing the sea again.

Thanks to Wanda at Denny's in Eureka, who last night gave us a freebie meal! Norman working his charm again... !

27 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'Diddleling ding ding ding ding ding ding... is that Burt Reynolds in that canoe ?'
Route cycled; Crescent City - Eureka
Distance cycled; 94 miles
Time cycling; 7 hours 26 minutes

The longest day... so far... started out from Crescent City at 7am with a police escort to the city limits... not sure if they were helping or just double checking that we actually left!

A couple of miles to warm up then a huge 5 mile climb into the heavens! who's stupid idea was this bike ride ?
Up and up and up into the mighty Redwood rain forest! huge redwoods as far as the eye could see, some as wide as the front of your house!... a little detour that added 9 miles on the route... a detour that we could have done without!... back onto the route and into more Redwoods.
Wild Elk seen grazing at the side of the road, aches and pains not so bad today... but the cold and rain didn't help.

26 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'God we needed that'

Rest Day in the sun at Crescent City, CA. Lots to do though, shopping, laundry and servicing the bikes.
However, the morning began with breakfast at the docks, overlooking sunbathing Sea Lions, waiting to see if an Orca came to feed... but no such luck.

Then back to the Police Dept to service the bikes, while Norman popped off to do the laundry!

A delivered pizza and an early night! 7am start in the morning to get the miles required in... some big climbs coming up.

Keep emailing us... we may not be able to reply to you all, but it is still great to hear from you!

Also... a huge thanks to Cheif Bob West, Crescent City PD, for the fantastic hospitality.

25 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'You don't wanna get your wheel caught in that'
Route cycled; Gold beach OR - Crescent City CA
Distance cycled; 55 miles
Time cycling; 4 hours 27 minutes

We started out from Gold Beach with clear blue skies, barely got a mile out before we hit a 4 miles climb! But the view at the top was awesome.

Knees and other part of the anatomys still hurting, just a case of 'pain management'. The roads have not been much better toady, you have to keep your wits about you as you descend the other side of the hills at 30 plus, looking out for holes and cracks in the road that'll send you off your bike in a flash.

Some amazing views again which have helped to ease the pain, saw our first entire whale, but it was unfortunatly deceased on the beach! There was one occasion, half way up a hill, that the shout... 'whale'... came, but on closer inpection it was just a rock!

Again, we had a head wind for the most of the day, keep hearing about the wind coming from the north, but yet to see it.
Another milesteone today... we left Oregon and entered Clifornia !!

We cycled the last few miles into Crescent City dwarfed by an avenue of mighty redwoods, an amazing view if never seen before.

We will head out of Crescent City on Saturday morning, taking a well earned rest day tomorrow.

24 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'I'm sure I had more gears than this!'
Route cycled; Coos Bay - Gold Beach
Distance cycled; 79 miles
Time cycling; 6 hours 15 minutes

Another long ride today, started out with clear skies but the route we took was between huge fir trees, so high the sun couldn't get to us!

Headed in land for a few miles, watching the clouds above fly the same way as we were going, but we had a head wind... mother nature taking away the hand she dealt yesterday.

Half way through the day we re-joined the coast, met by very low cloud that dragged across down the hillside and across the road to the sea. We encountered some of the worst road conditions so far... felt like riding a jack hammer! with the road breaking away tugging from the footings to get to the sea... it seems that tarmac is placed over the cracks as a very temporary fix... hell of a ride, as Tony says.

Some fantastic views again, would have looked better if the sun had been out!

We had no support planned for tonight, so we turned up un-announced at Gold beach PD, they were as usual very welcoming. We should have a shorter ride tomorrow which should see us leave oregon and head into California.

23 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'I'm sorry sir you can't park there'
Route cycled; Florence - Coos Bay
Distance cycled; 50 miles
Time cycling; 3 hours 50 minutes

We left Florence bathed in clear blue skies, but a little chilly, we'd all woken in the night feeling very cold and on looking out to see the frost on the Police cars parked next to us we realised why. Lots of new and different medicines for the knees, nothing new for the saw test tickles tho'. Mother nature was kind to us today, as the morning went by the wind picked us up and carried us along the flats at 20mph plus. As we entered Coos Bay we had to negotiate yet another high bridge, started cycling it but realised that it was far too dangerous, so got off and walked! only to be passed by some mad muppet on his bike, weaving all over the road by the force of the wind, not a good idea when you have 50 tons of logging lorry bearing down on you. The route took us back in land, huge climbs and rolling hills with nothing but fir trees in view. Thanks to Coos Bay Cheif and Kevin Hedgepath Coos Bay PD for their support.

22 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'small victorys'
Route cycled; Lincoln City - Florence
Distance cycled; 75 miles
Time cycling; 6 hours 8 minutes

If you need therapy come to the Oregon coast, the views are just outstanding and worth more than any pain killing tablets that Neil is pumping inside him.

An early start from Lincoln City, cold and damp, it stayed that way for the morning until the sun burnt off the cloud and changed the sky to an amazing blue, which in turn turned the sea the same colour. We caught our first sight of the migrating Grey whales... no whale seen but the blow spout was very visible. If this all sounds great and like a holiday... try it with every turn of the pedal as if a knife is being thrust into the joint! then think again... a tight schedule and 18 months of planning... failure is not an option.

At one point during the day we were asked if we had had any punctures... 'No' we confidently replied... and hey guess what happened a couple of miles down the coast... yes... Tony had a puncture, but we managed to get it changed at the roadside... maybe it wasn't real wood we had touched when he asked.

We made it to Florence after negotiating some mean climbs and a very narrow tunnel, however we were helped during the last 6 miles or so by a strong tail wind... the first we have had!

Thanks to Lincoln City Kitty and Cheif Lynn Lamm of Florence for the continuing American hospitality.

21 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'saw test tickles'
Route cycled; Newburg - Lincoln City
Distance cycled; 65 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 7 minutes

We left Portland this morning and headed to the point we stopped cycling yesterday. We were all tired before we started as we'd been up till 1am at Kells, Irish pub, in downtown Portland. Not having a good time, oh no no no, merely fund raising. We would like to thank all at Kells who helped us raise over $500!

So after a heavy night we had a heavy day in the saddle, heading west across the hills to the coast of Oregon! oh so nice to see the sea!

Heavy going up those hills again, which seem to be taking their toll on Neil's knees! and on other parts of Tony's anatomy! We were told yesterday that 'pain is merely weakness leaving the body'... .we hadn't realised just how weak we were!

Neil is rattling inside over the bumps due to the amount of pills he is taking! pain can be put to the back of the mind for the first 30-40 miles,but it creeps back at you very soon.

Norman is getting into the groove of looking after the team and, as this update is typed,is sat in the laundry room doing the washing!

We would like to say thanks to Lincoln City PD for hosting us this evening! never seen such a big pizza!

20 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'I slipped ... ?'
Route cycled; St Helens - Newberg
Distance cycled; 52 miles
Time cycling; 4 hours 8 minutes

We have been enjoying the Oregon sunshine today, but not so much the Oregon hills! a steady 15 miles to start but then we hit the first of the days climbs, 4 miles up and over the Cornelius Pass, heavy going! another few steady miles before we climbed nearly 1,300 feet in 5 miles, dropping down 1,300 feet in 4! If anyone is keen on investing in shares, best you buy some Ibuprofen company shares, Neil's knees are hurting! more so than ever before, not sure if it's the hills or the crash on Monday. Tonys doing well and Norman had his best day, accompanied through out the day by two attractive Portland PD lady officers. Neil and Tony were joined on the ride by Joe Luiz (Portland PD)

After a hard day in the saddle the team are now in Portland, staying in The Embassy Suite Hotel! courtesy of the staff at the hotel and Joe Luiz. Very very posh, but hey, after the week the team have had they deserve a little pampering!

19 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'Be careful what you put your fingers in'
Route cycled; Centralia - St Helens OR
Distance Cycled; 73.84 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 44 minutes

We have completed the first milestone of the bike ride, Washington State is behind us and we have come into Oregon !
We would like to thank everyone who made our trip through Washington extra special.

Today we had one of the scariest moments of the ride, more so than hitting the deck at the railroad crossing! A mile and half long bridge that crossed the Columbia river at Longview, barely wide enough for 2 trucks to pass by, no room for cycles and a footpath that was no wider than a nats whisker, the railings of the bridge were level with the seats of the bikes. Offering a 200' drop down to the swollen waters of the Columbia. We decided to walk the mile and a half!

Another good day weather wise, cold to start but it warmed up as we entered Oregon. The sun highlighted the range of Mount St Helens volcano in the distance as we rode to our final destination, escorted by Joe Luiz and Chuck Keller.

18 April 2002

Quote of the day ; 'Cycle team win land slide victory'
Route cycled; Auburn ( south Seattle) - Centralia
Distance cycled; 75 miles
Time cycling; 5 hours 16 minutes

We left the Seattle area this morning with the first of the sun we have seen shining on us.
No wind and not too many hills, We followed the Seattle to Portland cycle ride route to Centalia. With no wind and a warm sun we were able to look at the views for the first time since we arrived in the US, so far we have been looking at the puddles in the road, obscured by the rain on our cycle glasses.

A message for the Bellevue cycle cops - we stopped in a town called Roy, population about 50! we saw the Police car..and guess what... it had a comp' in it!

Thanks agian to Centralia Police Dept who hosted a Bar b q for us this evening.

17 April 2002

Quote of the day; 'Union Jack Daniels'

Rest Day; To re-charge.

Rest day taken in Bellevue,a city situated opposite Seattle on the east side of Lake Washington, Tony and Neil spent half the day with Police cycle cops of Bellevue Police Dept, chasing cars for traffic violations on their bikes!

Last evening was the fund raiser much talked about and that Neil was looking forward to getting out of the way! It was a great night and nearly $1,000 was donated, some dollar bills were placed in unthinkable places!

Thanks today go to everyone who came last night (don't forget to burn the photos!) and to the staff at Bellevue PD who donated over $300.

16 April 2002

Qoute of the day; 'Llamas for sale'
Route travelled; Everett - Seatac (south of Seattle)
Distance cycled; 37 miles
Time cycling; 3 hours 5 minutes

Todays ride was a short one, we ran out of time having spent so long negotiating the non-stop traffic lights of down town Seattle. A lot of the ride was supported by Seattle bike cops, who rode 20 miles with us.
Again, rain rain and more rain, an 18 wheeler decided he would brush our arms as he went by, a 'tad' scary but we're still in one piece... just.

Jet lag and the 91 mile first day ride is taking it's toll, just begiining to get in the routine and hoping things will ease as we progress.

15 April 2002

Qoute of the day ; 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'
Route travelled; The Canadian border - Everett.
Distance cycled; 91 miles
Time cycling; 7 hours 11 minutes

We arrived at the border greeted by heavy rain, strong winds, and some great people,some who had travelled a number of miles to wave us off.
We headed south directly into a head wind, which never left us the entire 91 miles. South of Bellingham we met the first of our hills we had been looking forward to so much, a 6 mile climb, we don't get hills like this in Suffolk.

We were supported along the way by a number of Police and Sherrif Depts, thanks go out to Cheif Dale Baker from Ferndale PD and his wife Sharon, the staff at Bellingham PD, Burlington PD, Skagit County SO and Randy Marrs from Everett PD who cycled the last 18 miles with us.

At 80 miles Neil and Tony were thrown off their bikes when the front wheel of the bikes got caught in a railroad that ran at 45 degrees across the road. Slightly battered and bruised but still smiling.

14 April 2002

We have made it to the second day. Awake at 4.30am, out in the garage by 5am to put the bikes back together. We have spent the day shopping for provisions and arranging the motor home.
Shortly due to head north for Ferndale and try to get a good nights sleep ready for the first days ride.

13 April 2002

After 18 months of preperation we have finally arrived in Seattle.

24 hours of travelling ! we are now about to get some sleep, before spending Sunday preparing the bikes and travelling to the border with Canada, where, on Monday, we will begin the first of 28 days of cycling, with a 85 miles route to Everett.

Don't forget to email us best wishes!

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